Verizon Interactive Table and Wall

  • ClientVerizon

  • Year2013

Client: Verizon

Agency: Downstream

Role: Designer (Discovery Wall), Designer (Interactive Table), Provided Art Direction (Motion Graphics)

Project Description:

Showcasing Verizon’s innovative products and technologies at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) International 2013, the Discovery Wall and Interactive Table provide an immersive and informative user experience. In addition to functioning as a key feature of Verizon’s CES experience, the Discovery Wall and Interactive Table were developed as extendable systems that can be adapted and displayed at Verizon Innovation Centers, Executive Briefing Centers, retail stores at multiple locations throughout the world.

The overall user experience focuses on elevating the Verizon brand and provides evidence that Verizon is at the forefront of telecommunication innovation. Both the wall and table house an interactive ecosystem of products and solutions that tell the story of Verizon.

Building Blocks of Innovation


The Verizon Innovation Center’s 2013 CES booth is a set of interactive experiences that visualize the latest products made possible by the program and by the ecosystem of collaborators. Each idea, each fact, each person, each product associated with the Innovation Center is a building block in the push to innovate. The CES experience visualizes those blocks and how they’re all related. The user experience prioritizes storytelling to make sure the right message comes through.

The Ecosystem

The core of the story is Verizon’s ecosystem of standards, providers, and solutions that change the way we do everything.


Visitors discover, engage and explore with this playful, freeform user interface.

The Wall consists of:

• An array of 12 interactive multitouch displays

• Ambient mode

• Presenter led mode

• Multi-User mode

• Tweets

• Stats

• Products + Categories

When nobody is at the Table, it stays in ambient mode. Content appears, connections are revealed and then recede. Users are invited to pick up a Product Block and put it on the table.

The Radar Table focuses on play and products made possible by the Innovation Center.

The Table consists of:

• A multitouch Interactive Tables (two 42” displays)

• Product Blocks with product icon + code. Each Block represents three (3) products in the Innovation Center’s Product Gallery. Users place the Blocks on the table to see more information.

• Object recognition and play.

• Internal illumination.

• Visual and technical connections to the Discover Wall.

• “Power Kiss” charging

When a user puts a Product Block on the Table, it is illuminated from below, and calls up the corresponding product information from the Product Gallery. The user can explore the Product Gallery, calling up related products.