Surrey Canal Interactive

  • ClientRenewal

  • Year2013

Client: Renewal

Agency: Downstream

Role: Art Director, Lead Graphic Designer, Interaction Designer, Information Architecture

Project Description: This is an interactive platform that acts as a window to the future, containing every asset and piece of collateral that carefully describes a South London Urban Development Story.

This interactive tool enables:


Planning and Development


Story Telling


Relationship Building

This interactive allows the client to share all aspects of their story within a platform offering depth, insight, and flexibility.

Greater London Map Mode Views

The ultra map—offers multiple levels of detail and perspective. Starting at a 30,000-foot level, it shows key views, trends and details of the greater London area and their relation to South London Urban Development. From here, users can zoom in to a rooftop view and more specific information about the site features, and then zoom in completely to pinpoint locations and reveal close-up views, along with links to curated assets in the client’s database, offering details to that place.

Site-specific Views

3D Flythrough Mode

This 3D tour mode allows users to orient and navigate through key areas of the development. Starting from a high-level overview, and then flying down into selected areas for street-level tours, as if you were walking the site. This offers a deeper, more comprehensive and connected understanding of the project and neighborhoods.

360 Panoramic Mode

The 360 Panoramic view, infused with transformational renderings, helps convey the impact of change. 360 Panoramic offers an augmented reality, panoramic overview of the full development. Starting from the rooftop perspective, users can view the site and London from any direction. This panoramic movie is edited with transformational renderings to depict what it will look like at future completion of the development.

Early Prototyping of Interactive