Raiders Preview Center

Client: Las Vegas Raiders

Agency: Downstream

Role: Lead Interaction Designer/Art Director/QA

Project Description: 

The Raiders Preview Center, located at Las Vegas Town Square gives visitors a unique look and valuable insight at how Las Vegas Stadium (currently under construction) will come to life, while also showcasing the Raiders brand, rich history, and its exciting future as the NFL team moves from Oakland, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans will be able to navigate multiple digital interactive experiences, explore the history of the Raiders in a museum format, purchase Raiders merchandise, and also book appointments to learn more about purchasing suites and seats at the new stadium.


The Raider Nation Interactive Wall provides an immersive and informative experience for Sales Center visitors. Visitors can explore the player roster, and engage with important moments and stories that showcase a rich Raiders’ history in Oakland.The Player Roster Mode allows visitors to view and learn about their favorite Raiders players in a life-size format. Key functionality allows visitors to learn statistical information based on player performance on the field, but also gain knowledge and get a more personal look at what players look like when they are not competing on the football field.The user can swipe left or right to transition between what a player looks like on game day, versus what they look like in their personal life. The swiping functionality works by touching anywhere on the screen, or by using the slide indicator located to the right of the panel. By default, the player’s team uniform image is displayed and provides statistical information below the navigation area (height, weight, experience, etc.) When the user swipes the slide indicator on the right of the panel, a second, “helmets off” image is displayed and statistical information changes to more personal information (favorite movie, food, player, etc.)The user can swipe up or down to rotate through the starting players roster. In this instance the user swipes up. The interface displays the transition between players. The user can also choose a player profile by selecting an image from the thumbnail grid above the main navigation.Selecting the “Raiders In Oakland” button gives users ac-cess to Raiders imagery and stories that depict important moments in Raider football. The curated collection of stories, images and events are scrollable. As the user scrolls up or down, content is populated.“The Option” is an interactive photo booth experience that allows visitors to to engage with each other and share their preview center experience. Visitors are invited to take a selfie and share it on social media to generate excitement and further solidify their commitment to Raider Nation and the Las Vegas Community. Visitors have the ability to choose various background images and styles.