Kansas State University: Berney Family Welcome Center Mobile App

  • ClientKansas State University

  • Year2016

Client: Kansas State University

Agency: Downstream

Role: Lead Interaction Designer/Lead Visual Designer/Lead User Experience Designer

Project Description: 

The Berney Family Welcome Center is the front door and central welcoming point for new students and prospective students and their families. At the center, visitors have access to campus tours, New Student Services, the Career Center. Visiting the center helps students gain an in-depth understanding of the campus facilities, educational opportunities, and of sense of importance of what being a part of the Kansas State family and tradition means. The Berney Family Welcome Center provides services to both new and prospective students, as well as current students preparing to make the transition from college to their professional careers. The mobile app provides students and prospective students with a tool that allows them to get the greatest benefits from what the center provides, and also create their own custom experience. The app allows students to set up custom tours, save content and information from their tour to access after they leave their tour, and provides the university a way to better understand the student’s interest and objectives.

After filling out an online profile and questionnaire regarding specific student educational focus and interests, students can download the KState Welcome Center application that will come in handy when they visit the center. The app allows students to not only create a custom campus tour experience, but also allows Kansas State University to taylor specific content and offer suggestions to students based on their likes and interests. Students can access their profile content through RFID badges that they receive when they check into the Welcome Center.  Various interactives throughout the center provides engaging information for students that they can save to their profiles prior to the campus tour. After students explore the welcome center and collect content, the will receive a text message with information regard the information they collected and their upcoming campus tour. Once the student selects the link, the application opens. At this point, the student can access their saved collection inventory, or view the destinations of their tour. Students can scroll through their list of saved content. Selecting an item from the list will open a web version of the experience or article.

Swiping left on an item from the list allows students to delete saved content.

By tapping the “My Tour” icon from the top navigation bar, students can access tour mode and scroll through their saved destination points. When the user selects a link from the saved destination list, they are taken to that location on K-State’s detailed campus map.

The user can only delete tour stops that they have saved from the interactive wall experience. Users can not delete their primary tour stops that were scheduled by K-State. Deleteable tour stops feature a white pin icon. Swiping left reveals Delete or Keep buttons. The user can select the “Delete” button to remove a tour stop.

The user can refresh content by swiping down at any time. An animated icon appears at the top of the screen while the refresh is taking place.