Husky Stadium Renovation

  • ClientUniversity of Washington

  • Year2013

Client: University of Washington

Agency: Downstream

Role: Senior Designer

Project Description: 

The University of Washington football program has a rich history of success and is recognized as a leader in college football and academics in the Pacific-12 conference and the nation.

Within the voices of proud alumni, or in the hushed tones of rivals, exists the expectation of greater Husky success to come. The renovation of Husky stadium is just one part of the continued success of the program. It is this belief that drove the narrative theme throughout the recently renovated stadium and continues to build within the hearts of the alumni and fans. Expect To Win.

With fans and alumni in mind, developing engaging visuals and showcasing the story and excitement of Husky football led to and the creation and the unique experience that visitors embrace when they visit the stadium.

Exterior signage and banners display the new Husky branding:

The stadium wraps reinforce the brand and key messaging that contributes to the game day experience.

The uniform/fitting rooms showcase the latest Husky uniform combinations and equipment technology.

The locker room graphics provide a very personal and customized experience for each member of the football team.

The team space and meeting rooms provide an area for players to come together, study, and review film.

The main entrance to the stadium welcomes visitors and fans:

The training/weight room and records wall provides inspiration and showcases achievements of great players of the past.

The tunnel to field is a very unique and important experience for each player as they march onto the field. Messaging and images of fierce Huskies line the walls as the players make their way to the field.