Harvard Lavietes Pavilion Renovation

  • ClientHarvard

  • Year2017

Client: Harvard University

Agency: Downstream

Role: Lead Designer/Art Director

Project Description: 

Our understanding of Harvard Basketball’s brand, rich history, and ethos is the starting point for our further exploration of brand messaging and story telling at Lavietes Pavilion. Through participation in the discovery session, Harvard staff and coaches helped us identify themes, values, principles, and possibilities for the overall brand voice and messaging of the pavilion. The themes that were identified in the discovery session will help us create a platform in which to share inspiring stories and represent the Harvard brand throughout the development and lifespan of Lavietes Pavilion. Some common themes, values, and messaging focal points that were discussed include:

– Celebrating diversity

– The motto “show everyone who we want to be”

– Provide great emphasis on the balance of athletics and academics

– Focus on the core pillars: Identity, Goals, and Standards

– Foster an environment where a player can grow into the player they wish to become

My focus on this project included working closely with the Harvard team, including coaches and facilities managers to develop environmental graphics, branding and a storytelling platform for the Lavietes Pavilion renovation project. By presenting and participating in discovery sessions and breakout work sessions, we were able to develop the scope of work and identify the design areas of focus: the lobby/atrium, the forecourt, gym banners, locker rooms, office suites, teaching rooms and conference areas.

Story Mapping Exercise

Through brand messaging and crafted storytelling, we will represent and describe Harvard’s rich history of academics, the traditions of athletic excellence, and the story of Harvard basketball. Representing these three core elements within Lavietes Pavilion will create an exciting, informative, and engaging experience for visitors, students, and Harvard athletes. The following pages outline story telling opportunities and where they will be located within the overall experience. The story mapping exercise allowed us to clearly pinpoint the locations of various features and messaging throughout the space.

Graphic Treatments / Wall Pattern Variations

Graphic Treatments / Tone on Tone

Graphic Treatments / Tone on Tone With Wall Patterns

Graphic Treatments / Athlete Recognition Panels

3D Studies / Atrium Exterior

3D Studies / Lobby

3D Studies / Lobby Dimensional Panels

3D Studies / Athletics History Totem

3D Studies / Lobby Lighting Feature

3D Studies / Forecourt

3D Studies / Locker Rooms

3D Studies / Coaches Offices

3D Studies / Shared Conference Rooms