June 2, 2022

My name is Ryan Gottfried and I am a senior user experience designer and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. I have a Master of Graphic Design degree from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Visual Arts from Oregon State University.

I implement a strong, conceptual approach to design and branding. I practice critical thinking, problem solving, and deep story telling to create user experiences that captivate and inspire. I strive to create meaningful design that; encourages people to think, evokes emotion, has purpose, and when possible, reflects an aspect of social responsibility. I believe that it is important to carefully research and develop an in-depth understanding for the culture or community that you are designing for. The ability to understand how current trends are relevant and relate to a specific project is a key component at the intersection of culture and design. All of these factors play an important role in my design approach, methodology and process. I believe that a combination of planning, design, and understanding help to propel the real story of a brand.

I have had the opportunity to work on projects for IBM, Microsoft, McAfee, Verizon, AT&T, Starbucks, HTC, Nike, REI, RedBull, Harvard, North Carolina State University, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Kansas State University and many other outstanding companies and institutions.

Much of my graduate school experience was based on studying user experience design and carefully examening how people interact with technology and applications. My work has focused on the research and design process by creating user paths, developing personas, concept mapping, looking critically at functionality, and determining what a user expects from a device, application or experience. I am interested in researching and developing total user experience through building prototypes, demonstrating functionality, and creating dynamic visual language.

I consistently work in collaboration with a team of creative directors, writers, planners and producers to create, develop and implement story telling platforms that create engaging user experiences across multiple disciplines of design. I feel that collaboration reinforces the design intent as it transitions from an idea to a reality.

My research interests currently reside in examining the relationship between graphic design and outdoor environmental education, specifically looking at conservation and educating others on the importance of sustainable processes and practices.

When I’m not designing or thinking about design, I enjoy being outdoors. Snowboarding, boating, camping, hiking, wakeboarding and walking my Husky keep me occupied, motivated, and happy.